Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tennessee lawmakers consider states rights gun law

From the Volunteer State:
Tennessee lawmakers may soon send the federal government a loud message[:] hands off our guns.

A new law is under consideration that would say if firearms are manufactured and sold inside the state of Tennessee, federal gun law would not apply.
Harris says gun owners are worried. They believe the Federal government may soon restrict certain weapons.

"But it's our way to make a statement to say this is Tennessee. These our are guns," says Rep. Henry Fincher, (D) Cookeville.

Now, lawmakers have proposed a new bill called the Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act.

It basically exempts guns made and sold in Tennessee from federal regulation, because they never cross the state line.

"If these firearms are meant to be used just here in Tennessee, they're not properly regulated by the federal government because they are not in interstate commerce," says Rep. Fincher.

"Your state, and I suspect every state, will be rushing to try to do something to preserve the rights of their people," says Ronnie Barrett with Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.
"And this is a great move to say that the state has rights, and the first thing they're going for is to protect their firearms," says Barrett.

Similar legislation is pending in several other states. Montana[']s Governor has even signed a like minded-law. ...

Article here. Alaska's House recently passed a similar bill (see my post here). And Montana's governor has signed that state's bill into law (see here). Hopefully, we'll get more and more states passing similar legislation, to reassert their sovereignty over an increasingly out of control, power hungry federal government.

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