Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Casbah of Rotterdam

From the Netherlands, and its ongoing Islamization:
In Feyenoord, veiled women can be seen everywhere, darting like a flash through the streets of the neighborhood. They avoid any sort of contact, even eye contact, especially with men. Feyenoord is the size of a city, and there are seventy nationalities coexisting there. It is an area that lives on subsidies and residential construction, and it is here that it is most obvious that Holland – with all of its rules against discrimination and all of its moral indignation – is a completely segregated society.

Rotterdam is new, having been bombed twice by the Luftwaffe during the second world war. Like Amsterdam, it is below sea level, but unlike the capital it does not enjoy an image of reckless abandon. In Rotterdam, it is the Arab shops selling halal food that dominate the cityscape, not the neon lights of the prostitutes. Everywhere are casbah-cafes, travel agencies offering flights to Rabat and Casablanca, posters expressing solidarity with Hamas, or offering affordable Dutch language lessons.

It is the second-largest city in the country, a poor city, but also the economic engine with its huge port, the most important in Europe. Most of the population are immigrants, and the city has the tallest and most imposing mosque in Europe. Sixty percent of the foreigners who arrive in Holland come here to live. The most striking thing when one arrives in the city by train are the enormous and fascinating mosques framed by the vibrant green, luxuriant, wooded, watery countryside, like an alien presence compared to the rest. They call it "Eurabia." The Turkish Mevlana mosque is imposing. It has the tallest minarets in Europe, even higher than the stadium of the Feyenoord soccer team.

Many of the neighborhoods in Rotterdam are captive to the darkest, most violent form of Islamism. Pim Fortuyn's house stands out like a pearl in a sea of chador and niqab. It is at number 11 Burgerplein, behind the train station. Every now and then someone comes to put flowers in front of the home of the professor who was murdered in Amsterdam on May 6, 2002. Someone else leaves a card: "In Holland everything is tolerated, except for the truth." A millionaire named Chris Tummesen bought Pim Fortuyn's house so that it would remain intact. The evening before his murder Pim was nervous, and had said on television that a climate of demonization had been created against him and his ideas. And his fears came true, when he was shot in the head five times by Volkert van der Graaf, a militant of the animal rights left, scrawny, head shaved, eyes dark, dressed like an environmental purist in a handmade shirt, sandals, and goat's wool socks, a strict vegetarian, "a guy impatient to change the world," his friends say.

Not long ago in downtown Rotterdam, funerary photos of Geert Wilders were placed under a tree, with a candle to commemorate his upcoming death. Today Wilders is the most popular politician in the city. He is the heir of Fortuyn, the homosexual, Catholic, ex-Markist professor who had formed his own party to save the country from Islamization. At his funeral, only the absence of Queen Beatrice kept the farewell to the "divine Pim" from becoming a funeral fit for a king. Before his death they made a monster of him (one Dutch minister called him an "untermensch," an inferior man in Nazi parlance), afterward they idolized him. The prostitutes of Amsterdam left a wreath of flowers in his honor beneath the National Monument in Dam Square, a memorial to the victims of World War II.

Three months ago, "The Economist," a weekly publication far from Wilders' anti-Islamic ideas, spoke of Rotterdam as a "Eurabian nightmare." For most of the Dutch who live there, Islamism is now a threat greater than the Delta Plan, the complicated system of dikes that prevents flooding from the sea, like the flood in 1953 that killed two thousand people. The picturesque town of Schiedam, part of the greater Rotterdam area, has always been a jewel in the Dutch imagination. Then the fairy tale glow faded, when in the newspapers three years ago it became the city of Farid A., the Islamist who made death threats against Wilders and Somali dissident Ayaan Hirsi Ali. For six years, Wilders has lived under 24-hour police protection.

Muslim lawyers in Rotterdam also want to change the rules of the courtroom, asking to be allowed to remain seated when the judge enters. They recognize Allah alone. The lawyer Mohammed Enait recently refused to stand when the magistrates enter the courtroom, saying that "Islam teaches that all men are equal." The court of Rotterdam has recognized Enait's right to remain seated: "There is no legal obligation requiring Muslim lawyers to stand in front of the court, insofar as this action is in contrast with the dictates of the Islamic faith." Enait, the head of the legal office Jairam Advocaten, has explained that "he considers all men equal, and does not acknowledge any form of deference toward anyone." All men, but not all women. Enait is well known for his refusal to shake hands with women, and has repeatedly said he would prefer them to wear the burqa. And there are many burqas on the streets of Rotterdam. ...

Read the rest here. Will Europeans fight for their culture? Will they demand that Muslim men treat women with the same respect expected of European men? Will European governments demand that Western law, not Sharia, be the law of the land for all in Europe?


Anonymous said...

You don't understand the problem.

It's not a matter of the Europeans fighting for their culture. They've already surrendered that.

The birth rates of the European countries are so far below the minimum level required to sustain a society that they are considered to be in the "no turning back" stage...i.e. no society in history has ever recovered from rates as low as fact, a few Europeans country's reproduction rates are so low that it is mathematically impossible for them to recover.Therefore, the only way that their societies become sustainable is through immigration. The culture that is the closest geographically, and has the reproduction rates necessary to provide plenty of immigrants into the European countries is the Muslim culture.

The European governments have no choice...they must accept the Muslim immigrants or die out completely.

If the trend continues (and I see no way for it to be reversed), Europe will be a Muslim society before mid-century.

That's not even the worst news. The US does not have a sustainable reproduction rate either. Ours is not quite to the "Impossible" stage yet...recovery is theoretically possible...but we're well into the "no society has ever done it" range.

Right now, the source of the immigration needed to sustain our growth rate is coming primarily from the south. In the future, After Europe is a thoroughly Muslim society, the number of muslim immigrants to the US will substantially increase.

Unless something drastic happens to increase the reproduction rates of non-muslim societies to sustainable levels very soon....and strong actions are taken to curb muslim immigration...a Muslim world is a done deal. It's just a matter of time.

David said...

Sailorcurt, you are of course correct about the demographics (I linked to the same video in your comment a while back here).

And obviously, if Americans hadn't aborted over 49 million unborn babies in the past thirty five years, our fertility rate would be in much better shape.

My question with regards to Europe is why don't the Europeans fight for their culture? If they're not willing to fight for their culture, they deserve to lose it. Why haven't the European governments demanded that Muslims assimilate and integrate into their societies?

The United States has had great waves of immigrants in the past, and has been successful in integrating and assimilating them into our society. We're better off for it. Why don't the Europeans demand the same of Muslim immigrants?

Sadly, I fear that your long-term assessment for Western civilization may be tragically accurate.

Anonymous said...

And we're experiencing the same type of thing here...the part about not assimilating.

Yes, when our ancestors immigrated, they eagerly embraced the title "American" and were encouraged to do so by the existing society.

Now, pushed by academia, political correctness and the desire of the government to keep us as divided and weak as possible, we embrace "multi-culturalism" and actively discourage assimilation.

I don't really have the answers as to why we've bought into it so thoroughly except to point to the brainwashing being carried out in our educational system from the beginning of pre-school all the way to graduate programs.

At least one full generation of our society has grown up in an educational environment that has downplayed, and even actively condemned, the positives of western society and praised and elevated even the worst aspects of less developed cultures. Our kids have been steeped in the idea that Western society is an exploitative one and that the cultures "being exploited" are deserving of special consideration. That asking immigrants to assimilate into our culture is equal to intolerance and our culture failing to make concessions to accommodate theirs is racist.

Basically, I think both we and Europe are too far gone to save at this point, in more ways than one.

That doesn't mean I'll stop trying, it just means that I don't hold out much hope.