Sunday, February 22, 2009

Texas veterans nursing home has own gun range

From the Lone Star State:
EL PASO -- Firing rifles and pistols at the new outdoor shooting range is one of the latest activities for residents of the Ambrosio Guillen State Veterans Home in Northeast El Paso.

On Friday, the scheduled day for shooting, a handful of Army veterans take turns shooting at targets, while recalling their days in the service.

"I was in the service for 28 years, and served in two wars, Vietnam and Korea," he said. "I like doing this."

Willie Brown, activities coordinator at the home, loaded the rifles and pistol with ammo, and reminded the shooters to keep the weapons pointed down range. The weapons fire only .22- and .177-caliber pellets.

"We started this about five months ago, and some of the residents really look forward to this," Brown said. "This is probably the only nursing home in Texas with a shooting range."

Article here. The range is only for .22s and pellet guns, but it seems like a great activity for these military veterans.

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