Thursday, February 26, 2009

Newspaper publishes Arkansas CCW list

From Arkansas, via the Arkansas Concealed Carry Association:
The Arkansas Times blogger and uber leftist Max Brantly, gleefully put up a link to the excel file that holds every Arkansas Concealed Carry License holders name & address.

The Times didn't even bother to scrub the address of the permit holders, have they ever heard of identity theft? And what about my privacy rights?

As Arkansas Project Contributor and State Representative Dan Greenberg notes, "Max’s glee in communicating public information wasn’t in evidence a week or two ago, when my bill to make the criminal records of public officials available to the public came before the House Judiciary Committee. At that point, Max said that that bill “simply has an aura of meanness.” (Of course, he’s hardly the only person who didn’t like the idea; the bill got voted down by the House Friday.)What drives Max’s shifting moods on the freedom of public information? Is it just a matter of what he had for breakfast that day?"

Not only is Max obviously biased in his intrepetation of freedom of public information he seems to have quite a distaste for the privacy rights of lawabiding gun owners.

Maybe we should look at getting a bill through that keeps law abiding gun owners personal information private?
UPDATE 4- Max has scrubbed the information from his website. Glad I captured a screenshot. Other news breaking is that the outrage over this has not gone unnoticed. Tomorrow legislation will be introduced to stop this kind of irreponsibility and I hear it wil be modled after the Tennesse bill, great work guys. Now you must call your representation and ask them to be co-sponsors of the bill. There will likely be heavy oppositon from the news community. ...

Read the blog post here. Gotta love a newspaper reporter/blogger who opposes making the criminal histories of elected officials public, but who thinks the names and addresses of law-abiding gun owning citizens should be public information. Let's hope the Arkansas legislature closes this "loophole" (see, we can use that word too!).

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