Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TSA abuse, compiled

Via Popehat, we learn of the TSA Abuse Blog, which is compiling stories and articles related to the TSA abuses ongoing across the nation.

Also, Reason Magazine has compiled some of the "mainstream" media's editorial positions on government-approved sexual assault, aka TSA's "enhanced pat downs": Editorial Boards to the Little People Complaining About the TSA: Bend Over and Take it Like a Man!

Finally, definitely go read Popehat's post on the matter here: The TSA’s Junk Gets Fluffed, which juxtaposes Passengers' Stories of Recent Travel collected by the ACLU, with some op-ed quotes from the Left-wing extremist, aka "mainstream", media.

The ACLU's take on the over 900 passenger complaints it has received:
Recurring themes in these reports include:
• The searches are extremely invasive
• Many travelers are reporting intense feelings of violation and humiliation
• Some report being physically hurt by the searches
• Some feel their searches are punitive
• Reports of gawking by agents
• Reports of seemingly unnecessary repeated touching of intimate areas
• Many vow not to fly any more
• Any traveler may be forced to undergo one of these searches

The TSA: Keeping you "safe", one scrotum and vagina at a time.

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