Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boy Scouts celebrate 100 years

The Boy Scouts of America are celebrating their 100 year anniversary:

(SCOUTS SALUTE: More than 45,000 Boy Scouts saluted during the national anthem at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree near Bowling Green, Va., Wednesday. The Boy Scouts are celebrating 100 years. (Cherie Cullen/Department of Defense via Associated Press) Photo: WSJ)

Meanwhile, we learn that our Community Organizer President won't be attending their historic celebration, due to more pressing engagements, such as appearing on The View [emphasis added below]:
President Obama will make history as the first sitting president on a daytime talk show when he visits with the ladies of "The View." But he'll be missing out on another historic occasion -- the Boy Scouts' Jamboree marking the group's 100th anniversary, right in the president's backyard.

The Jamboree kicked off this week at Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia, where organizers had invited the president to speak to the 45,000 scouts in attendance. All three of Obama's predecessors have made it to one Jamboree while in office.

But the president will instead be traveling Wednesday to New York for a taping of the ABC show, as well as Democratic fundraisers and a stop in New Jersey. The talk show appearance comes as campaign season moves into full swing, but also amid efforts to cap the Gulf oil spill for good, contain the damage from an unprecedented leak of Afghanistan war documents and battle Arizona over its immigration law -- set to go into effect Thursday. Obama also has an out-of-town event planned for Friday in Detroit.

But while the Jamboree lasts until next Tuesday, the president is sending his regards via a videotaped message.

Boy Scouts of America spokesman Deron Smith said the organization knew Obama's invitation would hinge on his schedule and found out two months ago that he would not be able to attend. ...
Because, after all, why would our Marxist-in-Chief want to celebrate an organization that promotes good moral character, trustworthiness, good citizenship, and outdoor skills? An organization that's one of the largest youth organizations in America, and to which over 110 million Americans have been members over the last 100 years?

Answer: he wouldn't. Apparently, it's yet one more way to show his evident hatred of America, and its (non-Communist) institutions.

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