Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Robb: Rage against the machine

Global Guerillas' John Robb comments on the recent Texas aircraft-to-IRS building rendezvous:
Here are some quick notes on Joe Stack's violence and the acts of others (there have been many recently). I tend to view people like Joe Stack as canaries in the coal mine -- people on the margins, mentally and situationally, that fatally explode at the early onset of severe societal and economic pressure. Here's what's driving them:

* Extreme frustration/hopelessness. A great many people have seen little to no success in the US commercial sector despite a considerable effort, for decades. For workers below the median wage this current environment is a depression -- from the duration to the rate of the un/underemployment. Any status gain they might have achieved before this occurred is now gone. [emphasis added]

Read his short post here. His conclusion is that we will "[m]ost assuredly" see more of this type of violence.

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