Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sexy girls have it easy

Tonight's, uh, hard-hitting documentary, from the UK:

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Anonymous said...

You know...I saw this last week and the first thing that struck me was the difference in how she approached each encounter when she was dressed frumpy versus sexy.

When she was dressed frumpy, she was trite, terse and, at times, almost rude. "Hey, can you give me this for free?" "I heard you're giving out free stuff".

Shen she was dressed sexy, she was more sultry, sweet and cajoling in your encounters.

I have no doubt that good looking women get more "perks"...especially from men...than homely ones, but considering that this was the same woman and most men aren't fooled by frumpy clothes or no makeup...I think she tainted the test and her results had more to do with her attitude than the way she was done up.

It may have been completely unconscious. People act differently depending on how they're dressed and "made up" so it may not have been intentional, but it was discernible in the video.