Friday, April 2, 2010

RNC Chairman Steele gets spanked ...

... by Bloomberg columnist Margaret Carlson:
March 31 (Bloomberg) -- Bondage clubs, chartered jets, a lavish office re-do, winter meetings in warm places -- such is life at the Republican National Committee since Michael Steele took over as chairman in 2009. In the world of fundraising scandals, this one makes former Vice President Al Gore’s visit to a Buddhist temple look as quaint as tea at Buckingham Palace.

The RNC moved quickly to quash the latest flap exposed March 29 in the Daily Caller, the Web site run by conservative Tucker Carlson. Steele wasn’t at the West Hollywood club, though his committee paid the $2,000 tab at the Voyeur, a pricey non- family values night spot featuring simulated sex acts. An RNC aide was immediately fired.

What a spectacular meltdown for a once-rising star. All Steele had to do to succeed was raise money and hone a message for a couple of years. He did neither. It’s hard to see how he keeps his current job (though he may be too big to fire) much less ever get one of the better ones he was destined for.

When Steele started, the party that prides itself on fiscal responsibility had $22 million in cash on hand. It now has $9.4 million.

Every time you looked, Steele, 51, was making headlines for what he said, did, or didn’t do. As if Architectural Digest was going to come calling, Steele spent $18,500 jazzing up his office. ...

Read the rest here. Bondage clubs? Private jets? Meetings in Hawaii? Looks like the Grand Old Party is living up to its name. Still think the feckless Republican clowns will save us from runaway, irresponsible spending? They didn't when they were in power during the Bush v2.0 years, and it seems highly improbable they'll discover fiscal conservatism looking for it at the local BDSM sex club. Maybe they're just planning on being the Democrats' bitches for the foreseeable future, and wanted to get in some practice.

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